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    Using Traders Scheduling Workbench  in Mining

    Donna Peske
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      I thought I would pass along this learning opportunity sponsored by SAP on using the Traders Scheduling Workbench and some customizations that can help in product shipping.


      Topic: SAP and Splisys Innovations for Mining - Custom Add-ons and

      Analytics to Improve Integration and Usability from Industry Experts


      Speaker: Bill Schweitzer, VP Splisys

      Session Date: Wednesday, November 20, 2014

      Session Time: 11:00AM EST (US)


      Abstract: SAP’s IS-MINE and Traders and Schedulers Workbench (TSW) solutions have been deployed effectively by a number of mining companies and Splisys partners have been part of the journey. Along the way we noticed that some opportunities exist for improvements in usability and functions, and we have developed our own set of SAP certified add-on’s and analytics dashboards to fill some of the gaps. We've explored how focused mobility can make users’ jobs easier.


      We'll examine the use of TSW for the mining industry, and show how it can handle complex supply chain scenarios. We'll also demonstrate how our add-ons can make the job easier and more complete.


      We believe that collaborating with business partners on a near real-time basis is achievable and can help overcome integration and usability issues. Splisys add-ons are based on the latest SAP technologies such as Enterprise Portal, Design Studio Analytics, Fiori and Mobility are available to help you transition to a digital supply chain. Our innovative use of these tools provides visibility to marine and rail shipments, streamlines logistics, enables predictive decision making, integrates 3rd party applications onto a single platform, and cuts through Data Smog.*


      * Data Smog – the data is there, but you can’t see it


      See below for dial-in and web-conference details.

      To Join the Presentation:


      Conf Call Passcode: 5751464267


      Conference call Dial In numbers

      USA-Denver 1 720 897 6637

      USA–New York 1 646 434 0499

      USA-Phili 1 484 427 2544

      India Bangalore 91 80 6127 5055

      India Delhi 91 11 6641 1356

      India Mumbai 91 22 6150 1743

      Germany 49 69 2222 10764