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    EWM with Batch setting at the Plant level

    Fred Gomez
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      I am curious to know if there are any ASUG users out there who have implemented SAP's EWM solution while retaining the Batch setting at the Plant level.


      I would very much appreciate any comments/feedback.


      Thanks in advance.



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          Kirill Zlotnikov

          Hello Fred,


          Hopefully, I can respond to your question appropriately.  Currently ECC and EWM integration does not support batch on plant level.  It has been recommended, however, that if your batch on plant level, you need to convert it to material level and then integrate with EWM via CIF.  Also, you need also check MCHA and /SAPAPO/VERSKY map to the same organizational area so that CIF for class can be executed.


          Hope this offers some more information...