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    How do you prevent good receipt if delivery complete indicator is checked?

    Phil Marchbanks
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      Does anyone knows how to prevent a good receipt from being entered via transaction MIGO using a purchase order line item with the Delivery Complete Indicator checked when the Latest GR Date hasn't been changed to a prior date.  Alternatively, does anyone know how to automatically change the Latest GR Date to the current or prior date when the Delivery Complete Indicator is checked using either transactions MIGO or ME22N?



      The Delivery Complete Indicator has been check on a partially received purchase order line item.  The Latest GR Date has not been changed to a prior date.  The remaining value of the PO encumbrance for the purchase order line item is reduced as is the Contract Net Value.  New purchase orders are created that consume the remaining Contract Target Value.


      A good receiver mistakenly enters a good receipt using the purchase order line item with the Delivery Complete Indicator checked.  Standard SAP process allows the good receipt without a warning message or error message.  Standard SAP process automatically unchecks the Delivery Complete Indicator on the purchase order line item.  This re-encumbers the remaining value of the purchase order line item and increases the Contract Net Value.  It does this even if the Contract Net Value now exceeds the Contract Target Value.  No warning or error message indicating that contract target value is exceeded are issued.  Again, SAP considers this acceptable standard process and won't provide a solution.


      Needless to say, our Procurement Services wants this fixed.  I know this can be prevented if the Latest GR Date is set to a prior date.  This often doesn't occur because the good receiver is setting the Delivery Complete Indicator when entering the good receipt via MIGO.


      Suggestions, ideas, solutions?