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    3 Way Match in SAP Accounts Payable

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      Looking for contacts at Manufacturing companies who are using SAP for their 3-Way Match process.  Trying to get a better understanding of what other companies are doing and best practices from a business process standpoint.  Particularly want to focus on how to ensure a high percentage of first time matches in the GR/IR account.

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          Dawn Solomon



          We are using the 3-way match in SAP for Accounts Payable.  We leverage EDI, SRM, and manual entry.  We run a batch job every night to release system holds, that would be for price or quantity.  We allow our invoices to post without a receipt and we run MRBR each night to release.  After MRBR runs we have a second step in the batch program that runs F.13 which we have configured for both GR/IR and vendor accounts so if we reverse an invoice and re-enter the reversal will clear with the original invoice that was posted and the vendor only sees the final invoice posted.  We do receipt write-offs using MR11 each month end to give us a rolling 6 months (used to be 12 mts).  We currently average over 20000 vendor invoices per month and have about 600 on qty block at any given time until the receipts  come in and MRBR is run then the block is removed.  We also post our price holds and have BOXI reports set up to email to the purchasing team twice a week to make sure we capture discounts.  We are currently taking 90% of all discounts available and we have hit 96% in some months. Does this answer your question?  I'll follow in case you reply.


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