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    ESS W-4 Entry - Meeting IRS Requirements

    William Goss Jr
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      We are on ECC 6.0.  HR has asked us to activate the W-4 entry from ESS.  After reviewing the IRS guidelines, our Tax & Legal depts. are concerned with the IRS guidelines below where it states we must be able to provide a hard copy of the electronic form.  I've researched this at length and it seems the only thing we could do is to do a screen print of IT0210 but it does not have all the same language that appears on the paper version of the form.  How have other companies addressed this concern?


      IRS Guidelines:


      Upon request, you must furnish a hard copy of any completed electronic form to the IRS and a statement that, to the best of the payer's knowledge, the electronic form was submitted by the named payee. The hard copy of the electronic form must provide exactly the same information as, but need not be a facsimile of, the paper form. For Form W-4, the signature must be under penalty of perjury, and must contain the same language that appears on the paper version of the form. The electronic system must inform the employee that he or she must make a declaration contained in the perjury statement and that the declaration is made by signing the Form W-4.