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    Time to Start Thinking about your 2015 ASUG Annual Conference Presentation!

    Richard Fowler
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      Sure, you can dash off a quick abstract with the best of them.  But will that be enough to get your presentation selected?  You're probably thinking, Rick, come on -- the call for presentations is a couple months away yet!  That's true, but a good topic can come to mind at any time -- be prepared!


      Each year, we are seeing a terrible combination of better and better abstracts, but fewer and fewer sessions available.  This means that, to have the best chance for your topic to be selected, you need to be more prepared and more defined.  I just came across a list of tips and tricks that I'm sharing here to give you a running start towards selection:


      • Start with a Solid Idea
        • Solve a problem
        • Be specific about the benefit and learning outcome
        • Appeal to a broad audience
        • Align the session with the appropriate SIG
        • Seek input from peers
      • Submit early / Submit often
      • Create a Catchy or Descriptive Title
      • Proofread your Entry
      • Co-Present with Others


      These won't guarantee you get selected, but they will go a long way towards getting your abstract on the short list.

      Good luck!