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    Upcoming Webcast on Latin American e-invoices and fiscal reporting mandates

    Richard Fowler
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      Join the FICO SIG on October 15 as they host a webcast on Latin American mandates for both electronic invoicing as well as fiscal reports.  They literally track every business invoice in the country, register companies via XML, and mandate that you aggregate your accounting books and upload them electronically.  For example:

      • Mexico – just mandated their version of eBooks. The teeth of that legislation will be due January 1.
      • Brazil – by far the most complex tax and e-invoicing country – has a new e-Invoice version that all companies are implementing by Dec 2014
        • eSocial which will examine the payroll tax will come into play in 2015. Originally was a 2014 mandate but has been delayed due to issues
      • Chile – As of Nov 1, all companies must transition to governmentt XML invoices and file Libros reports (fiscal reports on all invoices sent and received
      • Argentina just finished a rollout of 300,000 more companies that needed to apply

      This webcast will be presented by Steve Sprague, Vice President of Product Strategy at InvoiceWare International.  This session will address:

      • Latin America E-Invoicing and Tax Reporting Mandates for 2014 and 2015
        • Brazil
        • Mexico
        • Chile
      • SAP ERP – Lowering Costs & Avoiding Risks
        • Lesson Learned from implementing in Brazil, Mexico, Chile
        • Areas for Business Process Improvement


      You can register for the webcast here:

      ASUG.com - Events