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    Sales Order Scheduling using SAP TM 9.1

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      I have a question regarding sales order scheduling using SAP TM 9.1.


      We have a business scenario where customer places an order with multiple items and we combine the items for a full truck load using delivery group. There may be multiple delivery group exists in the order, so every group is full truck load of delivery.


      At present, we are rescheduling the order at line item level using ECC, so the customer advocates select the items in the delivery group and reschedules to get the confirmed date on the order and creates the delivery for one delivery group. The other delivery groups in the sales order will be rescheduled based on the production of the materials.


      With TM 9.1 integration, we noticed that the order cannot be rescheduled at line item level and only possible to do at order level. This causes problem for us since the other items in the different delivery group is also rescheduled and the material available date is keep pushed out based on RLT or confirmed to the new dates once the product is available.


      Is it possible to do the sales order scheduling using SAP TM using delivery group or at item level? Did anyone in the group implemented SAP TM and scheduled sales order using TM and faced this issue?


      Your help will be greatly appreciated.