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    Kansas Requirements for Garnishment Service Charges

    Gina Gillespie
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      We are a Kansas employer and process over 300 garnishments per pay period of various types.  There are 2 issues in SAP that are not working correctly and we have submitted an OSS note for however SAP responded that they have no intention of fixing it since they have not see any discussion on ASUG or had any other complaints.  I am curious if anyone else has experience these issues and if so how you are handling them.


      Issue 1 - When a service fee is greater than the amount of the garnishment nothing is deducted for the service fee or the garnishment.  The system should either deduct either upto the amount it can for the service fee and nothing for the garnishment OR nothing for the service fee and deduct the garnishment but it does neither.  For example, if the service fee for a particular type of garnishment is 10.00 and the amount able to be garnished is 6.00 and we configure the system to reduce the garnishment by the amount of the service the system deducts nothing for the service or the garnishment leaving us out of compliance because we did not obtain the fee nor did we deduct the garnishment so when this occurs we are having to go in and stop the garnishment fee for a particular period to collect the garnishment amount then go back and put the fee on so for the next period.  When we looked at the standard program delivered by SAP (Program RPCALCU0 and include RPCPIUU0) it appears that this was set up intentially for Kansas - there is a commented section that says Service Charge Greater Deduction - No Service Charge and No Deduction  (See Kansas) so it appears since it says See Kansas that it is for Kansas intentially but this isn't what should occur so I am not sure why they would do this.  Has anyone else had this issue?


      Issue 2 - Kansas Chapter 61 garnishments allow service fees to be deducted but the limit is 10.00 per period for each garnishment with a max of a combined total of 20.00, meaning regardless of the number of chapter 61 garnishments an employee has the total amount of fees charged per month can not exceed 20.00.  We have ours set at the max of 10.00 per garnishment per period with a monthly max of 20.00 however there is no way to make that 20.00 max be the max for all a specific type of garnishment it can only be the max per garnishment.  If an employee has more than one Chapter 61 garnishment we can only set one of them up with a garnishment service fee or we may exceed the monthly amount because the max is only applied per garnishment record not per garnishment type.  This law is set forth in  Kansas Legislature - Chapter 61, article 35; section (61-3507(c)) and I have supplied this information to SAP however they again would not make any changes to allow this type of maximum without more user requests so I am wanting to see if this is an issue for anyone else (possibly even in other states) and if so how you are managing it.


      Thanks for your time.  Both of these issues cause us considerable time each pay period to manually manage so I would like to find a solution or drum up without using custom code that isn't supported and updated or drum up enough interest so that SAP will fix the issue.