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    Advance Return Management - Influence Request

    Damean Chen
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      We currently have an influence request in the area of Advance Return Management (Part of ERP6, EHP4 capability).  Basically, we're asking for SAP to provide a new functionality to support the process outline below.  As per past guidelines, only request with highest votes will be considered. So if you're interested, please use the following link to register yourself and vote for it! 





      Describe current pain points and obstacles

      Returning directly from a customer to a vendor now means that a company will actually get a debit note from the vendor. In returns processes, the material returned will remain in customer ownership or in the ownership of the company it is "administratively" returned to.

      The direct return to repair vendor should enable :


      • Informing the customer the product has to be returned to an alternative adresss
      • Getting billed by the repair vendor for only the repair service.
      • Placing the goods in Repair stock at Vendor in one flow.
      • Give status updates about the repair at vendor
      • Returning the material directly from the repair vendor to the customer.
      • Billing the customer for repair costs based on the vendor repair invoice.