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    ABAP Training Resources

    Violet Meuter
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      Hello ASUG Community!


      We have recently implemented SAP Business All in One ECC 6.0. and become ASUG members.  Our company is headquartered in Southern California (Orange County).


      We are in the process of building our internal IT team technical competencies, and interested in finding some good ABAP training. 


      Can anyone recommend a few good local - or online - training resources?


      Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!


      Thank you,


      Violet Meuter

      IT Director

      Arlon Graphics, LLC

      Office:  714-985-6300

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          Tammy Powlas

          Hi Violet - welcome!


          There is some training on training.sap.com, and I recommending checking out the Learning Hub - there is a discovery edition which is free.


          Good luck to you.


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            Thomas Dulaney

            Hello Violet,


            In the United States there is not a very large secondary market for ABAP training. The gold standard in the US for ABAP training is Intructor Led classes offered by SAP itself. The downside, of course, is cost of the class and for travel. SAP probably still offers classes in Sourthern California from time to time, so you might not get hit by travel as badly. If you want sooner, than later, though, you will probably have to travel to wherever the classes are being offered soones.


            Since you are in Southern California, though, you might want to check out some of the local educational institutions which belong to the SAP University Alliance. I believe most of the Cal State schools participate. Cal State Fullerton had a particularly strong program, last time I heard. Also USC has/had a strong program. (I've been out of California for a while, so you'll want to check to see which programs are still active.)  Some of the programs concentrate more on the Business side and less on the programming aspect, so you'll need to do a little legwork.


            University Alliance page on SCN

            List of universities in the SAP University Alliance


            In India, SAP licenses third party companies to conduct SAP training and so you'll see references on various web sites to SAP Training Institutes. You can generally send someone to 4 weeks of training in India for the cost of 1 week in the US, but you have to add travel costs and such if you're going to seriously consider sending someone to India. The certification exam is the same worldwide, so if you do send someone to India, if they pass the certification exam, it's valid worldwide. (and vice versa for certifications earned in the US).


            SAP has been aggressively offering online/virtual training options and I definitely recommend you check those out carefully if the person you are training has a strong ability to self-motivate. Some of the SAP offerings include online/realtime classes with access to an instructor and a training system. Just be sure to allow the person to concentrate completely on coursework during their training week(s) and try not to have them do their training on top of their day job. That's really the primary downfall of virtual training. If you treat virtual training like physical training where the person is away for the whole week in class, it can definitely be successful.


            I hope this helps!


            Best regards,


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              Violet Meuter

              Thanks for the feedback Tammy!

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                Violet Meuter

                Hi Tom.  Thanks so much for your feedback!