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    How does your company handle the Capital Request Process?

    Robert Lohr
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      We have a homegrown system that handles our Capital Request process.  It is a older, web-based system that handles the following:

            "master data" around the request - business unit, plant, type of request, amounts, etc.

           document management - business case documentation, project schedule, RFP, etc

           workflow - complex scenarios related to business unit-specific routings, additional approvals related to overall spend, concurrent vs. linear approvals, etc.


      We are in the process of evaluating solutions to replace this solution and I am wondering how other companies systematically monitor this process.


      I read in a recent "insider PROFILES" magazine that Moen uses a combination of Winshuttle (workflow) and SharePoint (forms).


      Any other suggestions for an easy to maintain, flexible solution that integrates with SAP are appreciated.


      Thanks, Rob