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    NOC Codes (2011) For Employment Equity in Canada

      Hello, has anyone asked SAP to update the NOC Code table with the 2011 codes? We are having trouble explain to them that they must be there for this year (2014) as we have to report on them in March 2015.  Any comments would be helpful. Thank You

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          Ann Blonski

          I opened a Customer Incident with SAP in late June and basically got a reply that they were analyzing the requirements and based on those results, would come up with a delivery date.  Very vague.  Still waiting for a date.  I agree with you that I don't think SAP understands the requirements based on the back and forth within our Incident.  I believe these codes have been available from HRSDC since late 2011, so I think SAP should have had the time to analyze the requirements by now.


          I would encourage other Canadian HR clients using NOC codes to question SAP on their delivery of the 2011 codes.