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    PLM-Project Management & Execution SIG - Seeking aspiring speakers with project passion

    Kent Bettisworth
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      The PLM-PME SIG continues its search for aspiring speakers with a passion for project management.

      We have open slots for monthly  webinars in the 4th quarter of 2014 and 1st quarter of 2015.


      If you have a project management topic you want to shout out to the world and/or engage the world in a professional conversation...send an email with your proposed topic to one of the below PLM- Project Management and Execution SIG leaders:

      - Kent Bettisworth     kent@bettisworthassociates.com

      - Duane Raid            DuaneRaid@forestcity.net

      - Bev Williams          Beverly.Williams@disney.com

      - Gerald Steele          gerald.steele@sap.com


      We will respond promptly and, if you wish, we will assist you in preparing your presentation.


      Thank you.



      Kent Bettisworth

      PLM-PME SIG Chair