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    Plant Maintenance or PM questions

    Don Kennedy
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      I have been involved with SAP since 2008 and have put out one fire after another but am starting to get somewhat caught up.  I found a book

      on plant maintenance (PM) that is SAP R/3 PLANT MAINTENANCE BY STENGL AND EMATINGER which is pretty good but it is from 2001.  I was hoping

      in the time since then there would be an updated version or that there might be a different book or course I could take to help me.  I am a planner and am trying to give the best product possible but we were kind of left to figure it out on our own.  I am hoping others out there may have a tutorial, book, paper

      or anything to help me further my education in SAP.  I feel we have barely scraped the surface and want to do so much more.  Thanks for any all help.

      I work for a utility in California that used have coal and nuclear plants but now has hydro(which I am a part of) and combined cyle plants and some peakers and solar.