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    Multiple Business Layers against one Data Foundation layer - all in one Project

    Diane Spargo
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      We are just getting started with the Information Design Tool.  Our first big project involves a single Data Foundation layer, we will have multiple Business layers that use the DF.  We are keeping these in a shared project.


      What are people's thoughts on keeping all of the Business layers that are based on one Data Foundation layer in one shared project?  You can still publish a seperate unvierse for each Business layer.


      To me, it seems easier to keep them all in one project.  It would keep them together, we wouldn't have to try to remember all of the Business Layers that use that Data layer etc.  Somewhat self documenting.


      Yes, we could end up with 20 or more Business Layers in the same project, but I don't see the downside of that.  Even if they are in different projects, you still have to scroll through a list of something to find them.


      Would love to hear other people's thoughts on this and see how others are doing this.