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    Follow up questions on ASUG mobility webcast: Designing Your Own Custom Fiori Apps with the SAP Fiori Design

    Manju Venkataseshan
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      Thanks for attending ASUG Mobile Webcast "Designing Your Own Custom Fiori Apps with the SAP Fiori Design" today (July 17th, 2014). Thanks to Bob Caswell (Product Owner in the SAP Solution and Knowledge Packaging team) for presenting the webcast and Andreas Muno (Package Owner for Enterprise Mobility Rapid-Deployment Solutions at SAP Labs) for bringing Bob on board to present this webcast. The presentation was great with lots of questions from attendees. But, due to the time constraint we could not cover many during the webcast. So, I have created this thread to discuss further on Designing Custom Fiori style apps using SAP Fiori Design. If you have any questions or comments, please post in this thread. Bob Caswell will post some his insight/expert comments on UX packages that was covered in today's webcast.



      Manju Venkataseshan

      An ASUG volunteer and ASUG Mobility SIG Chair