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    Remuneration Statement to display the current pay period first in case of retro

    Liang Shan
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      Hi Everyone,


      Currently we are using the remuneration statement (RPCEDTU0) with the following parameters:

      • Print current period 'A'
      • Print retroactive runs 'X'
      • Layout of retroactive runs 'J'
      • Sort retroactive runs '1'


      With this setup, every pay period that is being retro-ed will be displayed. However, it's always being displayed with the oldest pay period first. E.g. if the current pay period is PP3, and in PP3, the employee has a retroactive run for PP1, it'll be displayed in the order of PP1, PP2, and PP3.


      I tried every combination that possibly makes sense to me in order to have it displayed the current pay period first, i.e., PP3 will be displayed first (page 1), and then scroll down to PP2, and PP3. I don't think I have found a solution using any combination of the above. I do understand that there might a solution using 'Z' parameters in either 'printe current period' or 'Layout of retroactive run'.


      If anyone is using this approach, can you please share what you did?


      Thanks in advance,

      Liang Shan