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    Does anyone have any insight they could share on OpenText Document Access?

    Dan Amend
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      We are evaluating a Document Management Solution and have evaluated OpenText Document Access.  Our user community is excited about it and loves the integration with SAP. 


      If you currently use the product, would you be willing to share your experience with me?  We did a reference call and that came away as positive, and I would like to hear from a non-"hand-picked" reference.


      A couple of items that I would like to know are:


      1. How easy was it to integrate non-SAP applications with this solution?  Did you need to move to a bigger application suite to do this, or did Document Access work?
      2. Do you have to have an SAP document number for this to work?  For example, if we wanted to include a folder/cabinet for insurance contracts, which do not tie to a specific vendor or customer, can we do so?
      3. Did you find that your existing scanning equipment worked well, or did you need to purchase new equipment to better leverage the OpenText solution?
      4. Would you be willing to spend 10-15 minutes on a conference call with my team where you could show how you are using the solution?


      Thanks in advance for your wisdom!