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    Mark Carter
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      Dear ASUG Cohorts,


      The CISUG Steering team is asking the ASUG Chemicals community for input on desired working groups.


      We look at a number of factors in selecting topics.


           1) Broad interest to the Chemical Industry.

           2) Topics where the the Chemical Industry is different from other industries.


      I'd ask that each Chemical Industry company, consider their top 3 areas to nominate for a working group.


      Ideally, this will help establish a queue of topics.  We will work wtih SAP to coordinate our working groups to deliver input when the SAP development is seeking input from the industry.


      We've had good success in the past with S&OP, Manufacturing, Mobility, and EHS Sustainability.


      A second Ask is that if you are from the Chemical Industry, follow the


      Looking forward to your suggestions.


      Best Regards,

      Mark Carter

      CISUG Steering Team Chairperson