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    Evaluating excel add-ons

    Linda Strong
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      We are currently evaluating a couple of excel add-ons.  Can anyone give us feedback on their experience with Spreadsheet Server or Excel4Apps (GL Wand/ Report Wand)?   We are particularly looking for feedback on the products and their ability to pull information from MM and SD to combine with GL data.

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          Rory Clarke

          We use spreadsheet server. It is a good tool, but limited. We have not successful managed to incorporate our custom GL attributes into its output, although we know we can, support is keen, but not very effective (for our point of view). The product works by querying (in new GL) Faglflext so the larger that table and its contents the slower it runs. Some queries/reports across all companies take 20 minutes, but single companies some take seconds. We had to create additional index's to speed this up.


          We already had it from our legacy system and bought additional licences for SAP it as we have not implemented financials in BI and we were crippled by poor access to reporting and analysis. It has allow us to move away from reporting in the back mirror through our consolidation tool, but as usual the tool has been stretched as it shows a lot of potential..... I'll add some more comments later if I can think of anything.


          I am interested in the other tool you mentioned to !

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            Tammy Powlas

            Another option is to look at Analysis Office, which works against SAP data as well.