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    Any Good Experience With Testing Automation Strategy?

    Nathalie Bonin

      We are currently looking for different ways, technics (framework, methodology, expertise, etc.) to optimize our SAP test strategy that covers around 40 high level processes and 139 processes (based on SAP ERP, IS-U, CRM and others systems fully integrated with SAP)


      Our situation

      • The test scenarios are mainly manually executed (almost 100%). 
      • Challenge with the testing data management process 


      Some of the tools that we have in place are based on HP and SAP's products.


      Please let me know if you've already deployed an automated testing strategy in your SAP environment, what was the scope and the "do's" and "don't".  Also, what was your testing time reduction? Other benefits? Code quality, etc.


      Thanks in advance for your advice!