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    Question regarding the ASUG Annual Conference

    Brian Nester
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      I was wondering if anyone out there that uses SAP PLM has gained any additional help or knowledge from attending the ASUG Conference?  I have been talking with my boss about possibly attending and was curious if it benefits PLM users by attending it.  Any thoughts or input on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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          Richard Rauch



          I cannot answer from a PLM perspective, but you should be able to search for educational sessions in the Agenda Builder to see if there are topics that interest you.  Beyond the educational sessions, I have found a great deal of value in the contacts I have made at the annual conference.  I have to force myself to be extroverted, but over the years I have developed dozens of professional relationships that have been very rewarding in terms of sharing ideas and solutions. 

          Another benefit for me is I always get a boost of motivation from the Keynote and from the camaraderie. I find the enthusiasm recharge to be one of the biggest personal benefits.      

          I hope that provides some food for thought.



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            Culliton Patrick



            This will be my first year to attend.  I am attending to build a network of contacts, of both vendors and non-competitive discrete industry manufacturers.  I am sincerely hoping every presentation is recorded so I can catch them later but I want to repeat that networking and finding vendors / consultants is my primary objective.


            Have you seen this webcast? PLM 2014 Annual Conference Preview - Recording and Slides