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    Promotion Manager / LifeCycle Manager

    Kevin Geiger
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      I would like to collect some feedback on Promotion Manager in the BI 4 environment.


      Please reply with any comments you have for this tool.  Please start with thoughts on basic useability and performance.  If you experience performance issues please provide further details as to when the performance issues occur.  Also have you split out a APS server dedicated for PM.


      Do you have any new features you would like in the product?


      Kevin G

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          Kevin Geiger

          Here at Kimberly Clark we have strugglied with the Override processing in PM.  I still don't know if our support team that performs the migrate process understands it fully.

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            Lee Lewis

            Thanks for posting the discussion topic,


            We have really been frustrated with the usability and performance of promotion manager in BI 4.0 SP7 and still in BI 4.1 SP3.

            When creating or editing a promotion manager job, it hangs if we select folders or more than a few objects.

            This is fine when promoting a single dashboard, but promotion manager fails when trying to select several objects synch or refresh a system like from PRD to QA.  This happens when going from CMS to CMS or briar file.


            We would like to be able to use promotion manager to schedule content backups of key folders throughout the day, but have given up.


            Our systems are each 64Gb of memory and have split out the APS servers manually in BI 4 and using the config wizard in BI 4.1


            Lee Lewis

            Summit Electric Supply