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    SUI Tax rate not pulling accurately for TN

    Vicki Kissack
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      Hello all,


      I'm hoping someone will be able to assist with my issue.  I am verifying some of my SUI Rates and I've found an issue and cannot figure out why the rate is not pulling into BSI accurately.  I have a company that has a rate of .008 and when the data is sent to BSI, it consistently calculates the rate at .00027, which is under calculating my SUI payments and causes additional invoices from our 3rd party vendor for taxes.  I have been running tests in BSI and found that if I remove the YW and YT amounts from the calculation for TN, I get an accurate calculation, but I do not know what that equates to in SAP.


      I've verified that the rate is set up correctly in the Tax Rate table

      I've verified that the rate is set up correctly in BSI TaxFactory

      I've found that the Tax Model utilized is 002 for TN in table T5UTE

      I've confrirmed that the Tax Model table - T5UTM is set up for R/U/W  (Tax Combo is 4 for R/W and it is 3 for U)

      I've found that the Tax Combo is 4, which is set up for tax type 1 -Withholding and Tax Combo 3 is set up for 10-Employer Unemployment tax in table T5UTY


      Might anyone have any suggestions as to what else may need to be changed or should I be looking at the issue in a different way?


      Any assistance would be appreciated and if anyone has any documentation on this process that would be helpful, that would be great.


      Thank you.....Vicki