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    Has anyone recently went through an SAP Database Migration?

    Daven Beekman
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      My company is currently running ECC 6.04 on a 7 year old HP blade using Windows Server 2003 and Oracle  As this version of Oracle is no longer supported we are looking for some consulting help to migrate our system to Windows Server 2012 and to go from Oracle to MS-SQL (we have an SQL DBA on staff but no Oracle DBA).

      Has anyone went through this process recently and if so, how were the results?

      Because of the time it will take to get quotes, etc. for this migration, I do not see this happening before Fall of 2014.  I am quite nervous about continuing to run our ECC production on a 7 year old blade.  I have thought about doing a system export of our production system Memorial Day weekend and importing that copy into a VM environment that we have setup for SAP.   I have done this with our ECC development system and had no issues.  Is this the proper way to move our SAP production system to new hardware?  I would appreciate any input.




      Dave Beekman

      SAP Basis Administrator