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    Multiple settlement rules on a Customer Service order

    Bart-Jan Jorna
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      Hello SAP/ASUG,

      We are on SAP ECC6 EHP6.

      Currently on a Customer Service order we can only maintain
      one settlement rule settling all financial postings to one set PSG in COPA.

      We have the technical requirement to perform results
      analysis and maintain multiple settlement rules on a CS order in order to
      settle costs and sales to different characteristics in COPA. The business
      requirement we want to meet is to be able to report, in CO-PA, the margin on
      materials sold through a CS order based on resource related billing. Currently
      we have to sell materials through sales orders to be able to report the margin
      in CO-PA.

      We have tried switching on the business function Operation Account Assignment (LOG_EAM_OLC) offered in EHP5.
      More information on this function is available in the following link: http://help.sap.com/saphelp_crm700_ehp01/helpdata/en/9b/b499bb5d794b35b23d438eb28d7079/content.htm?frameset=/en/61/de307316e74958ad1b90cbbcabbcfb/frameset.htm

      However, with this business function only operations become
      cost objects, but not components. As well, with this business function, we can
      only settle costs from the CS order to PA, but not sales.

      Does SAP envisage offering this functionality in future
      releases of SAP? Does anybody else have this reporting requirement?