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    Creating Price Lists by Extracting Pricing Data from SAP

    Rob Scofield
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      We are looking for a tool to help our distribution business extract pricing information out of SAP and create online Price Lists (a.k.a., Price Sheets).  We have done this in the past by extracting data from SAP pricing tables and formatting various price sheets in Excel.  However, spreadsheets are less than ideal.  The sales reps really need the data online.  And they would like to make some of the price lists available online to certain customers.


      Before we embark on what could be another internal develop effort to build our own solution, does anyone know of existing vendor solutions that fit this space?


      We are not looking for a full-blown Vendavo-like solution for analzing margin and updating prices in SAP.  Right now, the focus is a way to quickly get the price out of SAP and add features that make it easier to analyze price by customer.


      Features such as:


      - Abililty to quickly search for customer-specific product pricing.

      - Ability to pull customer-specific units of measure from SAP.  And in some cases, have additional calculated values based on additional units of measure that are not in SAP but needed by sales reps for certain regions and customers.

      - Abililty to create additional product descriptions that are meaningful by customer and/or region.  Or simplify descriptions and regroup the display by key characteristics.


      Ideally, we would not have price lists outside of SAP.  And sales folks would simply quote the price as the sales order is written in SAP.  Although we have made improvements with a custom sales order transaction in SAP to simplify the process, many folks still prefer to use their external price sheets for speed of order taking and find SAP just too cumbersome.


      Thanks in advance.



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          Richard Rauch



          While I'm certain that many companies running SAP could use the tool you are describing, I think you're going to have to develop your own solution (or solutions).  You can use Customer Material Info Records (CMIR) to assign customer specific descriptions to materials.

          There is a "Standard SAP" Pricing report (Transaction Code: V/LD) but it typically requires some configuration and does not have very sophisticated functions. 


          However, I wanted to comment that in the future your posts might get more reads if you post them in the appropriate area of the discussion forum.  For example, for this question, if you navigate to the Order Management SIG and post it there, then anyone who is Following that SIG would be notified.


          Just a thought.

          -  Richard Rauch

          Customer Management SIG Market Leader

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            Rob Scofield



            Thank you for the feedback. I'll have to find out how we are using Customer Material Info Records today.  That might help us some with part of the material description solution.