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    What are your biggest SAP security concerns today?

    Gretchen Lindquist
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      The Security SIG discussion forum has been pretty quiet lately, and I'm wondering if everything is smooth sailing for all the Security SIG members, if we're all so swamped with issues it's hard to know what to tackle first, or somewhere in between. So how are things going for SAP security at your organization?

      • Too many projects to support and not enough warm bodies on the SAP Security team
      • I am new to SAP Security, and I am still getting my head around it all
      • We are a new SAP implementation/ still implementing SAP, so the jury is still out on how well our security design will work
      • SAP GRC 10.x project is consuming my life
      • We are busy learning about/putting in an Identity Management solution
      • Busy with support issues after go-live due to inadequate security testing before implementing/ upgrading one of our SAP systems
      • User review and/or mitigating control review takes a lot of my/ my team's time
      • We are in the midst of a security re-write, wish us luck!
      • Everything here is just swell, no major SAP security challenges for us at this time, and long may it stay this way!


      Are one or a few of these current issues for you, or is there some other challenge on your plate? Inquiring minds want to know.


      Gretchen Lindquist

      Security SIG Chair