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    Gather metadata from BW, BO and HANA

    Thomas K C Sikora
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      We have an initiative to create a knowledge store that will allow users of the "warehouse" to have an understanding of the data they are viewing. Our expectations are to programmatically collect information about our data and keep it in a repository so that we can accurately use it in our reporting and analytics.


      The usual data types and descriptions will start the store and continue with the dataflow flow that sources take to their targets. For instance, it will discover and display the transformation of Delivered_Cars to Billed_Gallons has a multiplier based on the carrier's model (keys and attributes included!)


      Is this attainable?
      Does SAP offer this already? Is it included as part of their product? Is it Optional/Additional?
      Are there Third party offerings?


      I would appreciate any information on how this metadata is structured and accessed.


      All the objects in BW and Business Objects are "stored on disk" and read back for the application to use as does data management. That includes the data it acquires, where it comes from and where it goes and what happened to it!!!


      I look forward to our discussions on this very important area.