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    Meet your Business One Online Community - Introductions

    Murriel Perez

      Hello all!


      I am the volunteer chair for the ASUG SAP Business One special interest group.


      As you may or may not know, the discussion board and online portal have recently been enhanced and we are looking to build up the online community to be an excellent resource for you and your organization. We'd love to hear from you about what we can do to make this community active and successful.


      When you have a chance, let's start out with the following:


      - Quick Introduction


      - Favorite "shortcut" or trick you have found in SAP Business One


      - Latest Challenge/frustration with Business One


      - What are you looking for most out of this community?


      For extra credit, post a question in the discussion board or tell a colleague about the SAP Business One Group!


      Here are my answers (it wouldn't be fair for me to ask without posting myself!)



      Introduction:     IT Manager, technology enthusiast and community advocate.

      I work full-time running the IT department for a manufacturing company, and have been working with SAP Business One for two years now and through two minor upgrades (from 8.8.0 to 8.8.1 to 8.8.2). I love geeking out over databases, although I still have much to learn, especially with all of the new "Big Data" trends. I also volunteer on the board of non-profit Girls in Tech LA, a mentorship organization dedicated to encouraging interest in STEAM (Science Tech Engineering Arts Math) for girls of all ages.


      Favorite Shortcut:      I have a few of these.

                                        Ctrl + Click top X to close all windows is definitely one of the most useful.

                                        Auto-refresh under User-Defined Values is another useful way of being able to update a field based on another selection.

                                        I also love our Boyum B1 Usability Package customizations (though they can be tricky at times to get correct)


      Biggest Challenge:    User-defined fields will randomly "grey out" and become inactive on documents for random users.

      This happens sporadically, and cannot be replicated. Going into the user-defined settings fields and clicking "Active" will bring these fields back on. Have not been able to trace this to any one event or user action and it drives everyone crazy.


      The second challenge will be getting all of the add-ons to play nicely in SAP 9.0, particularly with the new 32- vs 64-bit versions of the client. We have been testing out in a dev environment and are running into many issues.


      What are you looking for most: For now - I'm hoping to become more engaged with the community, and to build up a solid and active user base.

      Ideally, this group can become an excellent resource for you in supporting your SAP Business One environment. SAP Business One should be a tool that makes it easier for your business to do what it does best, rather than an obstacle or a challenge. The easier it is for an organization's employees to use SAP Business One, the easier your job (and mine!) becomes.


      By sharing our collective experiences and knowledge with each other, we can build up a great community full of resources, not only for SAP Business One, but also for other aspects of your professional lives.


      Thank all and I look forward to hearing more from all of you!

      -Murriel Calaycay