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    Upgrading from Crystal Enterprise X

    Bradford Bailey

      We are looking to upgrade something more current than the Crystal Enterprise X we are running to distribute reports. We have had discussion with a SQP partner but the initial quote was a bit more than expected. Now we are researching how to attempt some of this on our own to learn more about the process. Unfortunately, I am a little confused on the upgrade path to something that will satisfy the same needs we have which is basically the distribution of reports.  While I continue to research I thought I’d throw some questions out here as well as documentation I’m looking for.


      What is the better match for Crystal Enterprise; BusinessObjects Enterprise, Crystal Report Viewer or Crystal Server?

      What is the upgrade path to any of these from Crystal Enterprise?

      Are there any intermediate steps?

      Sizing and planning documents for any product.


      Any answers, assistance in locating documentation or constructive comments are appreciated.