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    BI2014 or Sapphire Now

    Rose Mary Maciel

      We are local government llocated on the west coast, and have a limited budget. We have attended SAPinsider BI conferences in Las Vegas for the last couple of years. This year the conference is in Florida. So since both the BI2014 and Sapphire Now conference is in Florida and we can only go to one, which one do you recommend?


      We use SAP BOXI, Crystal Reports 2011, Dashboard Designer, and Universe Designer to access numerous databases for BI purposes.


      Thank you for your input.

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          Tammy Powlas

          Hi Rose Mary,

          I recommend taking a look at the BI2014 content at BI 2014 and you can make a determination then.


          Of course as an ASUG volunteer I'd say attend ASUG Annual Conference, as content was selected by fellow customers, but it is a situation where I'd say "use your own good judgment".


          We do have special surprise sessions planned for ASUG Annual Conference


          Personally I like "both" conferences.  One (BI2014) is totally devoted to BI whereas Annual Conference you will hear from SAP and customers and your Public Sector area will be covered too.


          I've been fortunate to attend both conferences for years now, and the content is different at both. 

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            Edward Wiegner


            Both SI and Saphire are worthy events.


            Attending both is wothwhile. of course ASUG Saphire is a must:)