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    What is the best option for improving the data in our Dev Environment

    Kate Lafferty

      In our Development System, we have our Config 100 client, our and a few testing clients.

      Development was built in 2009 and in none of the Dev environments do we have good real data.  Additionally we have orphaned transports that would be great to get rid of.


      Speaking strictly from the ability to test effectively in the Dev environment, we would love to do a system refresh from Prod to Dev and move on with testing from there.

      Clearly that is not possible, as we would lose all our config, dev source information.

      I have heard that TDMS is good (from SAP !) - and heard it is a big headache from some folks.


      Outside of taking on implementing TDMS, are there any companies (using SAP > 5 years) who would share...

           How do you enable manage the effective testing in Dev?  Reducing the number of transports overall.


      What is your experience with TDMS?


      Sharing your practical experience is much appreciated.