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    SAP Maintenance and Support Alternatives

      Good Morning,


      We are currently evaluating our SAP maintenance and support contracts; during this process we've looked at alternatives to the standard SAP support model in an effort to drive down cost.  Has anyone out there in the ASUG community have extensive experience with the likes of Rimini Street or Ciber, that is willing to share their experience with us?




      Jose Garciapr

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          Tammy Powlas


          I think it depends on what you want to do and where you are at - personally I prefer the Enterprise Support from SAP as you get Expert Guided Implementation help.  This has allowed us to implement Solution Manager with "EGI" help


          I am not familiar with the other vendors to see if they offer that - but EGI allowed us to go live with Solution Manager Service Desk (now known as Incident Management, ALM...)

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            Arthur Levitt

            Jose, I would have to agree that SAP Enterprise Support is the most common and best practice way to go, especially if you are on the latest versions of SAP software.

            If you have an older or unsupported version of SAP, there are firms that provide support, and it is always based on your specific environment. I know of Rimini Street as someone who specializes in replacing Software support for companies like Oracle and SAP at a lower cost and they are well known in the industry. Ciber is a more specialized Consulting services partner, similar to many other out there in the industry. All in all, it really depends on yoru specific situation for you to make that decision. If you would like to discuss other factors, please feel free to reach out to me arthur.levitt@disys.com or 818-481-5556.

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              Hi Jose Garcia


              It depends your budget, you can have basic to Max Atention which is the highest level of support you get from SAP. Here is link for information on SAP support offerings http://www.sap.com/services-support/support.html. Good luck.