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    Sending Price Lists or Price Catalogs from your SAP-ERP. What are the options?

    Andres Valenzuela

      SAP-ERP ECC 6.0 Seem to have basically the same two options for this Business need since R/3 4.6

      • Price Catalog (VPRICAT, PRICAT IDocs)
      • Price List Reports (Price Reports, Customer Price Lists, Pricing Listing)

      The main reason why we are now looking again into this Topic is because the variety of business requirements in different regions and some times in different customers or customer teams with in the same region makes very hard to have one single GLOBAL solution or approach to the requirements, so you may end with a series of local solutions that are more or less based on the two SAP standard options, however each local solution has its own configuration, caratceristics and capablities defined by the market. We want to know from ASUG members:

      • What seems to be the most used SAP ERP standard functionality to send the Price Lists or Price Catalogs to the Customers?
      • Are there in the Market recomended solutions that can recieve the SAP information from the ERP Standard functionality, and then add the level of customizaton neded in that data before sending it to the customers?
      • How much SAP-ERP users that have the same kind of need to send price lists and/or price catalogs to customers are using SAP-ERP Standard functionality, vs Custom Made Functionality or 3rd Party Solution for the final preparation and sendingof data to the customers?


      Please send me your comments and answers and I will try to make a stats report that will be shared in the Discussion for future reference.