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    SAP IPSAS & Fund Management Customer Connection Follow Up

      On May 21, 2013, members of the ASUG Public Sector community were invited to learn how to improve SAP International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) and Fund Management solutions by participating in an ASUG Influence opportunity through SAP Customer Connection projects.


      Customers can submit improvement requests and all selected requests are typically developed and available through support notes or support packages in 6-9 months for fast and non-disruptive delivery.


      Please access the information below to learn more about this Influence opportunity:


      Webcast recording: https://sap.na.pgiconnect.com/p66846441/


      Customer Influence Home Page: http://Influence.sap.com


      Public Sector Management Focus Topic: https://cw.sdn.sap.com/cw/community/influence/cc/public_sector_management_-_funds_management




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