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    Enhancement Follow Up - Archiving and User Experience focus topics

      Dear Customers,


      Time is ticking down on the collection phase for Customer Connection enhancements for the two focus topics above, Archiving and User Experience so we wanted to reach out to you and get some feedback as well as make the process of entering these requests a little easier for you.


      Rather than having to enter the requests yourself through the Influencing portal, you can simply articulate the enhancement request in an email and send it to myself and Heike Kalwak and we will have them entered for you and do a recap.   You can do this for both the Archiving and the User Experience topic.


      Also, for the User Experience topic, we thought that the role based approach was difficult for people to align with so we are now asking you to simply identify the transaction codes that you would like to see these user experience side panel enhancements done in.  Simply enter the transaction codes you would like to see with a side panel and what information you would like to see in that side panel. Information might be (master) data details or KPIs for a kind of operational reporting or additional transaction codes belonging to the same application area that you typically access when executing the transaction. The thought is that this will help you run your processes more efficiently by having this information on the screen as you execute the transaction so you don’t have to jump back and forth between reporting or other transaction codes.


      If any of these transactions contain tabular data shown by SAP List Viewer we will automatically enrich them by crystal report. You may also request it in the enhancement request and mention some ideas of which data shall be visualized in charts.


      Finally, we also wanted to poll the group as to whether or not, the technical restrictions were prohibiting you from being able to enter enhancement requests?  For example, is the technical restriction of having to be on Netweaver Business Client (NWBC) for the User Experience enhancements a showstopper?


      Technical Restrictions are listed below so please give us your feedback as to whether any of them are major roadblocks for you.


      Technical Restrictions:
      • Side Panels
        • Client:
          • NWBC ≥ 3.5 or WD ABAP
        • Backend:
          • BS_FND ≥ 7.46 SP 7 SAP Retail 6 ≥ EhP6 SP 7
          • or SAP Retail 6 < EhP6 with additional Side Panel Server BS_FND 7.46 SP 7
      • Crystal Report Adoption
        • Client:
          • Crystal Report Viewer / Adaptor
        • Backend:
          • NW ≥ 7.01 ≙ SAP Retail 6 ≥ EhP4


      Hope this helps you get your enhancement requests in quicker.


      If you have any questions at all, please reach out to Heike Kalwak or me.





      Denise Missonak