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    ASUG Webcast Slides & Recording: What is EDI? And What Can it Do For My Company?

    Kaela Altman

      Attend our live, one-hour session to learn how leveraging EDI (Electronic Data

      Interchange) can help eliminate paper transactions, increase revenue, and win

      large customers.


      Stop limiting your opportunities today and learn how to make

      your business relationships more profitable. Whether you are new to EDI, have

      been mandated to use EDI, or have heard about the efficiencies gained through

      implementing an EDI solution, this webcast will give you the EDI education you

      need to help plan for your ongoing growth and success.


      This webcast will show you how EDI can help:


      • Automate processes and reduce manual date entry

      • Improve supplier relationships

      • Save money by reducing paper processing related costs – storage, paper, printers, ink etc.

      • Make your business more attractive to potential customers


      Companies that have chosen to use an integrated EDI solution are finding an increasing number of

      opportunities with major retailers. This creates new avenues for business development and revenue growth.


      Attend this webcast to learn what EDI is

      and how it can benefit you and your company!



      Greg Swallow, Highjump