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    Expertise in SolMan 7.1 security, anyone?

    Gretchen Lindquist

      Hello SolMan SIG from the Security SIG,

      Does anyone here have expertise in SolMan 7.1 security that they would be willing to share with the Security SIG in a web cast? At my organization, we have recently installed SP5 into our DEV system and are having some challenges getting the security right. I have not found any documents on ASUG.com about SolMan security, so I would be very interested in scheduling a web cast on this topic. And before you ask, yes, I am going to TechEd, but in my 7 year experience of attending TechEd, the security track is all about the security solutions that SAP wants to sell. Yes, I have searched the session list; searches do not find the word "security" in any of the ALM abstracts this year.



      Gretchen Lindquist

      Security SIG Chair

      Chevron Phillips Chemical Co.

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          Hi Gretchen


          I am not security Expert but, I have hands on Solution manager Implementation, configuration (currently planning in CHARM) let me know details of issue i can help you out. since i worked on lot of security related issues with SOLMAN.



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            I am not going to do a web cast for you but there are security guides you can download on this page if you follow the path shown on the SAP Service Marketplace:



            The one that I have downloaded for our version was over 50 MB in size.


            If you know what you are doing with SAP Security it's understandable.


            One key thing to note about Solution Manager security is that the SAP_ALL profile does not work on the work centre authorisations.


            Also the configuration of the various parts of the system can create roles / users in some of the steps if you choose to do it this way.