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    TDMS Sub-Setting and Scrambling

    Luke Lau



      I have a couple of questions regarding TDMS and hoping someone has the answers. Our SAP system is one of many systems in an integrated environment. Right now, we are looking at sub-setting and scrambling production data across all systems for testing purposes. In terms of scrambling, the implication is that if we scramble a field in a non-SAP system using a specific scrambling algorithm (this will be provided by a non-SAP test data management tool) and that field also exists in the SAP system, then the same scrambling algorithm must be used in SAP as well (to keep the data integrity between systems). Therefore, we are wondering if it is possible for TDMS to call a low level scrambling algorithm (via RFC call) to scramble the value of a field? This scrambling algorithm is a C library routine and the vendor said they can wrap it into an RFC call.


      The second question is around TDMS outside of the HR module. TDMS works fairly well for the HR module. Does anyone know how well it works (or have experience) with other modules (in terms of sub-setting and scrambling)? The modules we are really interested are: FI (AR in particular), SD, and FSCD (SAP for Insurance Collections and Disbursements).


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          David Flad

          Since TDMS comes with some standard routines to convert customer names and other data, what is the purpose

          or source data you're trying to scramble, and does it need to be scrambled or just altered?  The ABAP hooks in

          TDMS should provide much of what you need as far as I understand.


          What is in the FI documents that cannot be seen?

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            Luke Lau

            Some data contains identifiable information like driver's license number, customer's name, etc. As stated earlier, some of the attributes are been scrambled in other systems. Therefore, the same attributes in SAP will have to be scrambled as well.


            An example of a FI document would be A/R invoice.