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    Upgrade or installation of Solution Manager 7.1



      We are wondering if it would be better to upgrade or install directly solution manager 7.1. We are currently using Solution Manager 7.0 and are only using the following scenarios: RCA, IT monitoring and IT reporting.

      Have you done an upgrade to Solution Manager 7.1 ? Any feedback ?


      Best Regards, Damien

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          Jim Spath



            Unfortunately, "it depends".  My general answer would be to try an upgrade.  We reinstalled when going from Solution Manager 3 to 7, and it was a long torturous process.  Later patches, or enhancement packages, have been less intrusive but not completely transparent.  We probably won't get to 7.1 until we consolidate 2 separate instance of Solution Manager; I think building a third from scratch is a viable option for us.


            There was an SAP TechEd session (ALM 201) on new features of 7.1.  Did anyone in your enterprise go to TechEd?  I have it on my schedule for TechEd Bangalore, and I'd expect it to be offered at the Madrid sessions in November.  In a 1 hour lecture (by SAP) they probably don't get to the level of detail you want; if you find out who the speakers were you could try to ask them to post here.



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            Thanks Jim.


            We did the ALM201 in Vegas, and it gave us some valuable info on the upgrade path. We are probably going on that road, because we don't want to loose or transfer all the historical data for the IT reporting.


            I would have like a feeback from an upgrade to Solution Manager 7.1 for a productive solman (any pain point ?). But I guess there are not that many upgrades yet and only from rampup customers at the moment.



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              James Moore



              I attended the SAPADMIN 2011 in Vegas and what I understood was just like Jim said "depends".  If you had historical data you want to retain the the Update was the recomended path. Otherwise, a clean installation was what was suggested.


              JIm M.

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                Chris Ratchford

                HI Damien


                We have successfully upgraded our development solution manager from 7.0 to 7.1.  The biggest challenge, which is often true in the new technology, is to make sure MOPZ (maintenance optimizer) is providing the right details in upgrade xml file.  We found the note

                1584162 was an absolute must to start.  Other than some normal bumps in the road (notes 1574870, 1596073, 1599601, 1574870 helped there), we completed the upgrade and testing went fine.


                However, we do not currently use the monitoring or RCA.  We use Solman heavily to manage projects and documentation; blueprints, configuration management, issues management...  We saw no problems in any of those areas after the upgrade and are ready to move to production.  To be honest, we are really waiting for this version to implement monitoring, to us it is the first version that seems to have everything we are after in those areas.  I beleive in your case it makes sense to upgrade.  In this way, you shouldn't have to change much in those scenarios you implmented.  Not entirely sure though, those areas have lots of improvements.


                I would suggest use a development environment, or copy of production, and give it a shot.


                Hope that helps,

                Chris Ratchford

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                  We are currently using SolMan 7.01 and quite frankly, have only used it for MOPZ and some monitoring.   Relatively recently we started configuring EWA, Service Level Reporting, etc.


                  I don't know the history of it, but based on input from consultants and SAP a few/+ years ago, we separated Solman components into different instances.   At a very high level, we put SLD, CEN/CCMS, CUA into one instance and everthing else (SMD, MOPZ, CSA) into the other.


                  Since we don't have projects or documentation, we're going for a new install.  I'm in the planning stages now.


                  Appreciate you putting this out there and the responses as well!



                  Steelcase NetWeaver Admin