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    KPI's for Solution Manager Change Request Management

    Martina Hahn

      Does anybody know if Charm has some standard KPI's and where to find them in the system? Or did you develop your own and if yes what are you using as your KPI and how did you develop the report?

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          Ryan Wermager

          Hi Martina -


          This is a great question!  I have been thinking about KPIs for transports in general (not necessarily relating to ChaRM since it is just a "tool").  ChaRM out of the box does not have standard KPIs to measure anything.  You will have to think of what you want to measure around your total transport management efforts within your own company.  For example:  I am starting to measure the total time on average a transport sits in our Development environment that has not gone to QA.  Likewise, and even more important, I am measuring how long a transports sits in QA and doesn't move to Production.  Understanding the average length of time will set an SLA in the near future and find improvements in our processes.  If a transport is sitting in QA ready to be tested and the reason it hasn't gone to Production is because the Business hasn't tested, well... we got a problem here.


          I see I am responding to this nearly 3 months later so did you ever figure out any KPIs?