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    Follow-up Questions from Webcast: AP Test Data Migration Server (TDMS)

    Ruth Ciamarra

      Q: Do you have a lock on the PERNR in case someone has it open ?

      A: No, you do not.


      Q: How does it handle APO?

      A: APO is currently not supported. TDMS 4.0 will provide a solution for this. Ramp-up is scheduled to start Sept. 2011.


      Q: Does the target need to be down for the BPL or HCM options?

      A: No, the target system needs to be up to execute TDMS.


      Q: If we want to add valid data to a client in development.  If I have append structures to the VBAP table that I have not moved up.  How will this be handled?

      A: No problem. TDMS will simply transfer the data present in the source, and leave the additional fields empty.

      Q: If there are Y* or Z*  tables that have also added fields in development but these fields are not yet in production.

      A: Same as above, i.e. we will only transfer the data for tables or fields present in the source. All additional tables or fields remain empty.

      Q: How will TDMS handle keeping ECC and SCM data in sync when it's sent via the integration models?

      A: TDMS currently does not support SCM – see above.