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    Business Process Monitoring using SAP Solution Manager

    Sergey Palamarchuk

      recently we implemented BPM at Colgate and proactively monitoring variouse SAP systems (CRM, APO, HR) Would like to start a topic on Business Process Monitoring using SAP Solution Manager. Would like to share ideas/experriences/challenges on the following topics

      ---Implementing BPM (what SAP modules are on the radar )

      ---Monitoring Organization Structure (Business Process Monitoring vs Infrastructure/System Monitoring

      ---Challenges of keeping monitors on monitored systems (ST/API levels ) up to date

      ---Support/maintenance of generated alerts


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          Perry Naylor

          Hello Sergey,


          We are currently evaluating BPM, and would be interested to join any discussions concerning other's experiences.  Here at Tetra Pak, we currently use our SM solution for support and test management, but are interested to expand the solution into the process monitoring.  As always with SM, building the business case can be a challenge, so we are interested in the effort involved and benefits received utilizing BPM.

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            Sergey Palamarchuk

            Depending of what type  of monitor you are trying to establish the effort is not that big if you stick with standard SAP monitors (table, entry counter, update errors, dialog performance, Sales/Purchase order creation/errors, business activities, etc) When you go custom (using SAP provided BADI's it takes longer (1-2 days to code/test), but average for standard is 2-3 hours (verification takes longer since there is no way you can launch monitor right away after set up so you have to use schedule)

            You post specific questions so I can try to answer them

            In turn we are interesetd in using Solutions for Support. Below are the question I have

            ---Upon completion of Implementation Projects are you turning them into Solutions and if so what is the mechanism (copy of the Project Blueprint into Solution or assignment of the Project(s) to Solution in Project Administration Transaction).