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    Batch Management issues

    Ken Mock

      I have two very frustrating issues with the way SAP handles batch management.


      The first is with the batch Status of Locked. If a batch is located in multiple warehouses you cannot lockl the batch in warehouse A only, you must lock the batch across your entire inventory. As an example: you Receive Batch #1 1000 cases of product into inventory. Sometime before the product is sold, some of the stock is transferred across the country to another warehouse. Inm Transit the stock gets wet due to a leaky container. You need to Lock the stock and make it unavailable for sale until your QA department has a chance to inspect the product.  Currently in SAP you have to lock the entire batch regardless of location. In this scenario the product that remained in the original location should be available for sale as it was not damaged. I have set up a virtual warehouse for Quarantined products and have to transfer the stock to it in order to make sure our staff do not sell the damaged goods. The issue with this is that without going back to the transfer documents you have no idea where the stock physically resides at this point. We have over 20 physical warehouse worldwide and split batches routinely.



      In our purchasing process we dictate the Batch # that the manufaturer uses to identify the product. Currently SAP does not have a facility for generating a sequential unique batch # until you Enter a GRPO. We need to be able to generate the batch # at the Purchase order stage. We have built a batch # generating process for the PO.


      If anyone has any ideas on solutions to these issues I would appreciate it or if anyone would like to discuss the solutions / work arounds we have developed please respond