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    RE: Create new custom Z Transaction in ECC System from Solution Manager

    Raghavendra (Rao) Subbarao

      As mentioned in SAP help (http://help.sap.com/saphelp_sm70ehp1_sp23/helpdata/en/35/62d96b453b11d5b38a0050dade3beb/content.htm)  documentation, we have created a Z transaction that do not yet exist.  We would like to push this into the destination ECC system so that the  ABAP developers can implement the code. Does someone know whether it's  possible and if so, how?

      Below is what the help documentation states: "If the system exists, you  can also assign transactions and programs that do not yet exist. This  can be useful if you want to enter all information about a project step  now, but develop these transactions or programs later. Once you have  made your assignments, confirm the dialog box prompt.".

      But it does not say what to do with this 'shell' program and how the  ABAP team can use it.

      Thanks in advance.