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    Solution Manager Backup/DR

    Mike Ayars

      Here's a potentially off-the-wall question: How do you you back up Solution Manager? Does anyone DR (Disaster Recovery) Solution Manager? We've built a lot of content in SolMan and we have a GRC application that runs in SolMan.

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          Ryan Wermager

          That's not an off the wall question at all. Solution Manager is one of the most important systems we have in our company today.  We rely on it heavily since we use it to manage our transports from DEV to QA to Production. We also store all of our SAP functional and technical specifications relating to SAP projects.  We have it backed up just as regularly as ECC, BW, SCM, CRM, etc...


          How we back it up?  Thats a hard question to answer.. are you looking for how we technically back it up including what tools and processes we use?

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            Lisa Miyahata

            Hi Ryan, yes how have you technically backed Solman up; tools, processes?


            Have you done a restore?  Can you restore a single maintenance project that has your documents and transactions?