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    Limit Access to the BPR structure

    Heather Campbell

      Is there a way to lock a user from being able to change what is in and out of scope within the BPR structure but still allow the same user to create/upload project documents for a business process?  Also, is there a report that can be run which tells who changed what is in and out of scope on the BPR structure? 

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          Sergey Palamarchuk

          The BPR structure you cannot change. I assume you are talking about the BPR content/structure pulled into your Blueprint where you can change it.

          You can limit ablitity to edit Structure in Project Administration transaction by checking the box which allows only user IDs assigned to structure element to perform edit functions (users have to be assigned in Adminstration tab to the structure element) For rest of the users it will be view only mode. You can also lock structure element from being editied in SOLAR01

          In the same transaction you can (by selecting corresponding element attributes) view the history of changes