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    Custom Development Management cockpit (CDMC)

    Salvador Martinez

      Currently we are looking at utilizing the CDMC tool for analyzing our Custom Objects.  I have found limited literature and information on the CDMC tool or the information that I have found seems redundant.  I would appreciate it if anybody out there has experience with the CDMC tool to share that experience.

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          Marcel Van Den Top

          Hello Salvador,


          I have run some tests on the tool using copies of different systems. I imagine you have already learned what the basic functions are by reading the literature - taking an inventory of the custom objects on your system, deriving usage patters based on system log information, and then doing further analysis to determine which objects will need to be adjusted, based on the known updates to SAP standard objects that you may be calling from your custom programs. If you do a test run of the analysis, you will learn quite a lot from the individual help text on each , as well as the results generated, and the logs.


          I do recommend using the tool. Some others in the marketplace still do some more extensive checks, for example comparing against a database of known typical coding problems,  and differences between release levels. However, there is no additional license fee to run CDMC, so the only thing keeping you from doing it is finding the time.


          What specific questions do you have on the tool?




          Marcel van den Top